■ Technology to monitor gas-phase substance and particulate in the air

SO Analyzer 
    - UV Fuorescent

  NOx Analyzer
    - Chemiluminescence

  CO Analyzer
    - GFC NDIR

  O Analyzer
    - UV Photometry;
      UV Absorption method 

  Particulate monitor (PM10 Analyzer)
    - β-ray Attenuation

■ Automatic flue gas monitoring system 
  Flue multi-gas monitoring system
    - Non-dispersive infrared analysis method (NDIR)

■ Automatic indoor air quality monitoring system
  Indoor air quality multi-monitoring system(Multi Indoor Analyzer)
    - Simultaneously monitors NO₂, CO, CO₂, and O₃.

■ Automatic odor monitoring system
  Hydrogen sulfide monitoring system(HS Analyzer)
    - UV fluorescent method(UV Fuorescent)

  Ammonia monitoring system (NH Analyzer)
    - Chemiluminescence method (Chemiluminescence)